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hometrail: main & logs community.

ʜσmετrαil: main/network community.
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HomeTrail: A Panfandom Journey RPG.
applications and reserves are closed!

(ends on April 12th)

my dear, are you lost?
There’s no shame in that, Darling; you are not the only one who, under mysterious circumstances, has found their way here. Perhaps you have just lost yourself in the maze of your own mind. Ah, this place? We call it Willaknapp—the world, that is! Currently you are in our hometown of Sleepywoods. Won’t you stay for a while?

Ah, I understand. You’d like to go home? We cannot do that, but I do know of someone who can! She resides in the far end of the Willaknapp in a small village called Loophole; the journey there is long, harsh and exhausting. It’s nearly impossible for a tiny person like you! You should not fret, however; our very own Grandore is more than willing to set you out on the treacherous route to your… possibly only way home! You shall live in the Caravan and Grandore will pull you through various villages and towns. A perfect opportunity for those who love sightseeing! I cannot guarantee they are as friendly as we, but the Way-Warrant will be able to negotiate with the Mayors so you will be able to stay there as Grandore rests his feet. The poor man cannot walk forever, after all.

Be prepared for your journey, my dear! I cannot nearly estimate how long it will take to get to Loophole, but please, have some rest before you go, and we will certainly miss you!
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Hometrail is a panfandom community-based roleplay game in a fairytale-like land. Characters arrive in a small village where the locals understand and are kind enough to help them return home via a giant Ogre named Grandore, who will pull a large hotel caravan through various villages in order to reach a place called Loophole—a place where supposedly a woman can bring the passengers back to their original homes. The journey will be lengthy and dangerous, therefore stops are necessary for Grandore to rest up for the many weeks and months of walking to come.

the mod team
bycitylights (mod): applications, general game stuff, list maintenance, etc.
seireiishtar (mod): plot direction, events, and anything else.
tsunderes (helper-mod): general game questions, lists, etc.
kσngming (helper mod): plot direction, list management, npcs, and any other areas that might needs help in.
masyaf (seasonal-mod): helps with npcs, plot-flow, lists and any other areas that needs a fill-in.
way-warrant (mod journal): where all information is kept.</small>

related communities
hometrail (main/logs): where all third-person interaction resides. this is prose-heavy but commentspam-friendly and is of course face-to-face.
willaknet (journals): where all the first-person (not face-to-face) interaction takes place. this is in the form of electronic journals in which all characters were given upon entering the Caravan.
offtrail (ooc): where all out-of-character things happen. used for plots, introductions and notices.
trailtales (information): where all the game information (taken players and shared rooms) is!

game information
premise: learn the basics...
rules: we like order!
f.a.q.: frequently asked questions.
npcs: know the people.
world info: know the place.

player references
taken: our game-wide cast.
wanted: begging for you..
reserves: dibs on your favorites!
application: how about a shot?
hiatus&drop: get a break!
slot request: character limits? get another!
suggestions: we can improve!

in-game stuff
the caravan: your mobile home.
shared rooms: room assignments!
current events: the story thus far.
journey route: to loophole!
journal info:
your journals.
mod contact: need direct contact?

partners in crime




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all art displayed on this page are works of the wonderful concept artist, matt gaser. we do not claim any rights or ownership. all characters in this games belong to their respective owners. one more thing: we are aware that if you are viewing this on ie, everything is unjustified and ugly, so we suggest you use safari or mozilla firefox for this to look nice. that is all.